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Complete your smile with quality, custom-made dental dentures. To make sure that our patients receive the best care possible, we offer a full range of complete and partial dentures in Maleny. Our modern dental clinic uses up-to-date methods to provide comfortable and natural-looking dentures.

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A Smile Full Of Potential

As we age, many people find that their teeth become brittle, lose and fall out. Dentures provide a natural-looking solution that improves your appearance while also improving your oral health.

Providing an improved ability to chew, speak and smile quality dentures protect your teeth while restoring full function to everyday activities. If you are looking for reliable denture treatments and services, Doonan Dental offer high quality dentures services ranging from creation and repair to routine management.

With a host of qualifications, Dr Keith Doonan provides superior service for patients who require a set of dentures suited to their smile and health needs.

Impacted wisdom teeth don’t always cause symptoms, however, if a tooth becomes infected it can cause pressure, discomfort and pain. In some cases, wisdom teeth will only partially erupt, increasing the risk of bacteria build-up and infection making cleaning difficult. This causes pain, infection, crowding, cysts, and damage to nearby teeth.  Here, emergency wisdom tooth removal is often the only solution.
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Custom Made Dental Dentures

Are Dentures Right For You?

While dental implants are a popular alternative to replace lost teeth, dentures are a popular solution that is removable while still helping patients retain normal speech and chewing ability.

Dentures have evolved and improved over the years allowing patients to receive oral care that is fully customised and tailored to them.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when a patient has no remaining teeth. These help patients perform all functions (eating, chewing and speaking) fully and without difficulty.

Chew, speak and smile confidently!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made when there are natural teeth remaining. These are built on a frame designed to fit the patients mouth to maximise strength and stability.

Artificial teeth are built to create a natural look that fill in the gaps between remaining teeth, giving a full smile.

Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed partial dentures or fixed bridges are permanent dental restoration techniques.

These are plates with one or more artificial teeth that are fixed with the help of natural teeth or dental crowns and implants.

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Custom Made Dentures with Doonan Dental

Leading Dental Denture Specialists

Whether your gums are compromised by gum disease or damaged by an accident, a professionally fitted denture can restore your smile and bring back function to your teeth. At Doonan Dental, we help you regain your smile with beautiful, perfect-fitting dentures. We offer a range of modern, aesthetically pleasing dentures custom made and fit to your mouth for maximum comfort. To find out about our quality range get in touch with Doonan Dental today.
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The Benefits Of Quality Dentures

While a set of dentures may take some time to get used to, dental technology has come a long way in making dentures more comfortable and natural-looking than ever.

Not only do they restore the natural function of teeth, quality dentures also improve your smile and overall appearance.

Some Benefits of Dentures Include:

Dental Dentures FAQs

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. Have we missed something? Get in touch and our friendly staff are happy to assist.

A denture is a removable acrylic plate or metal frame that replaces one or more missing teeth.

If it replaces all the teeth it is called a full denture and if it replaces just some of the teeth it is called a partial denture.

Dentures have been around for many years, in fact one of George Washington’s dentures carved from hippopotamus ivory can be viewed at the Royal London Hospital Museum dated from around 1750. Dentures have to be removed daily for cleaning and this represents one of their major disadvantages.

We don’t carve them from hippopotamus ivory or lead anymore.

Today, we use a variety of techniques using high strength dental acrylics or medical grade metal frameworks. In many respects, making dentures is becoming a lost art due to the decreasing number of patients who require this service.

To a large extent, the success of a denture depends on the ability of the person wearing it to accommodate its inherent disadvantages such as; the requirement to remove and clean it daily, the possibility of small amounts of food becoming trapped under it, its movement during eating and speaking and the embarrassing risk of it falling out in public.

However, there are a number of ways to minimize all of these problems. People wearing an average denture often report a great improvement to their life when an improved denture is made.

The most important factor in making a good denture is allowing sufficient time to assess the unique problems faced by each individual and then to design the denture accordingly.

Whilst it is possible to make a denture in one visit, if we want to achieve the best result it can often take 6 to 8 visits. Secondly, many dentists typically pass the job of making the denture to a technician, who they may have never even met.

By taking control of the technical side as well, your dentist is even more likely to create the best result possible.

Keith Doonan usually performs the technical construction of the dentures for his patients himself to ensure the best result

Dentures may feel strange at first and you may have to get used to speaking and eating. 

It is also important to be aware of what you are eating and drinking, as dentures make it difficult to feel hot liquid and foods that can cause burns and injury.

Whilst a lot of people with dentures continue to lead normal lives there is one group of people who report to have more severe problems. The vast majority of people are not fully satisfied with their lower full denture even when it has been made to the highest standard. There are a number of reasons for this:

• The lower gums are more delicate and have less area to provide support for the denture
• The tongue is attached to the lower jaw and tends to move the lower denture during eating and speaking
• The lower jaw itself moves during eating and speaking
• The shape of the lower jaw usually has less undercut areas which can be used to make the denture stay in.

It has been shown through a number of research papers that people with lower full dentures can improve their lives considerably by placing 2 dental implants in their lower jaw onto which the denture can be clipped. The price of this has dropped considerably over the last few years and, whilst still significant, it can be done for a fraction of what it used to cost