Dental Clinic Sunshine Coast

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Dental Clinic Sunshine Coast

Local Dental Clinic For Your Oral Health Needs

Looking for a dental clinic on the Sunshine Coast?

Doonan Dental is a family focused dental clinic based on the Sunshine Coast. Dentist, Dr Keith Doonan specialises in a variety of dental procedures and treatments and places a strong focus on holistic dental care. We have a patient-centric approach to our services and are dedicated to our clients and their families.

We are also determined to provide high quality dental services on the Sunshine Coast!

Here at our dental clinic, we utilise modern dentistry practices to combat common issues in the mouth. This includes using bio-compatible, non-toxic materials and techniques in combination with traditional dental methods to maintain oral and overall physical well-being.

Contact us to make an appointment. Alternatively, visit our FAQs page for more information on various dental treatments and services we provide.

Dental Clinic Sunshine Coast

We hope that you will feel at home in our dental clinic. Our aim is to provide as relaxing an experience as possible. We value our customers and thank you for choosing Doonan Dental.

Dental Clinic Sunshine Coast

Our Range of Dental Services

Our dental clinic is fitted with some of the most modern dental equipment available. This, in combination with a fully qualified, trained and experienced staff, allows us to offer our clients a full spectrum of services relating to dentistry, including:

Holistic Dentistry - Dentist with Patient

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic Dentistry is an integration of natural health concepts and conventional medicine to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Holistic dentistry takes into account how the entire body responds to dental care. This approach takes into account that anything placed in your mouth can affect not only your teeth but also the rest of your body. Evidence has been found supporting this philosophy such as the connection between periodontitis and cardiovascular and diabetic issues. Oral cancer can also lead to cancer elsewhere in the body if left untreated and undetected.

In order to prevent serious conditions in the mouth and body, Dr. Keith Doonan will meticulously evaluate your mouth for discrepancies.

Holistic Dentistry Services:

  • All-encompassing dental care which includes a broad range of treatments
  • Early diagnosis of dental conditions and meticulous and logical treatment planning
  • Preventative care (regular cleaning and dental education) which also assists oral hygiene
  • Treatment of gum disease and gingivitis
  • Mercury free restorations (such as the installation of white fillings instead of amalgam fillings)
  • Advice on nutrition which can affect your teeth and your general health